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Yantriksh Cybernetics Industries

​We are a Smart Software and IoT Solutions company with electronics manufacturing. Registered as Yantriksh Cybernetics Industries Private Limited and Recognized by Startup India, Govt. of India.

Yantriksh Cybernetics Industries Private Limited is a pioneering entity at the intersection of technology, innovation, and space-inspired engineering. The name 'Yantriksh' reflects our ethos, drawing from the Sanskrit words 'Yantra', signifying devices, 'Yantrik', representing mechanists, and 'Antriksh', denoting space.

This amalgamation encapsulates our commitment to technological advancements in the realm of devices and space-related innovations.

Space of Devices

Our core expertise lies in being a dynamic software and smart electronics manufacturing company. We have distinguished ourselves through our patented IoT (Internet of Things) technology, a breakthrough innovation supported and facilitated by the National Research Development Corporation (NRDC). NRDC, an enterprise of the Department of Scientific & Industrial Research (DSIR) under the Government of India, has been a pivotal partner in nurturing and realizing our innovative solutions.

Accolades and Recognition:

Yantriksh Cybernetics has garnered significant recognition within the entrepreneurial landscape. Notably, we have been honored as one of the top 5 startups in Bihar, receiving acknowledgment and acclaim from Shri. Sanjay Jha, Minister of the Water Resources Department (WRD) and the Ministry of Information and Public Relations Department (IPRD) under the Government of Bihar. This distinction underscores our commitment to excellence and innovation, further reinforcing our position as a trailblazing entity within the startup ecosystem.