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Welcome to the future of home automation with Yantriksh Cybernetics' innovative SenseBoard. Our Smart Switchboard is not just a switch; it's a sophisticated home automation solution seamlessly integrating temperature, humidity, and air quality sensors. Elevate your living spaces with unparalleled control, scheduling, and automation capabilities for your appliances.

Control. Schedule. Automate.

Experience smart control over your appliances with the SenseBoard's advanced functionality. Control, schedule or automate with integrated sensors using smartphone.

Environmental Awareness:

Integrated temperature, humidity, and air quality sensors provide real-time insights into your living environment.

Customizable Scheduling

Set personalized schedules for your appliances based on your daily routine and preferences.

Automated Actions

Enable automation scenarios triggered by environmental changes, ensuring optimal comfort and energy efficiency.

Energy Efficiency

Optimize energy consumption by controlling appliances based on environmental conditions and user-defined schedules.

User-Friendly Interface

A sleek and user-friendly interface allows easy programming and monitoring of your connected devices.

Mobile App Integration

Seamlessly control and monitor your appliances from anywhere using the dedicated mobile app for both Android and iOS platforms.